Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sagada, Mountain Province – my last glance perhaps

If there’s a place worth traveling during Holy week – a must-go is Sagada. I was there actually with my friend (sorry she doesn’t want anybody to know that we’re together, hehehe) and a few of her cousins. T’was my fourth time to experience the grueling fourteen hours trip (huwaahhh! still have my butt-ache as of this time). But it was fun revisiting the place knowing the road going there indeed amused me. For the average trippers, they would definitely go for the famous hanging coffins and Sumaguing cave which are my usual itinerary for the past three times of my visit there. But this time, I broke my program. Though most of the members of the group are newbies (only two are timers), I decided not to join them (my best friend and a local guide tagged along with them). I instead went with Tan-ay, our bighearted foster parent in Sagada to help her gather head-size-cabbage and tomatoes in what she called garden which is actually the size of farm – as far as your eyes can see!. Tan-ay said that it’s just near her place but mind you, it took us 45 minute-walk before we reached the garden, hay..but it’s worth the walk!. I got the chance to pick fresh tomatoes, pull the cabbage out, cut it with knife and dropped it into the basket. I maybe slow while doing it, but I had so much fun.

The tiring part came when it was time to carry those veggies back to Tan-ay’s house. Ugh!, Heavy!, I can’t actually lift the basket full of tomatoes but I had no choice nor right to complain. Tan-ay was carrying a sack of cabbage on her head, much heavier than mine. So I carried the basket, managing its weight which is getting heavier and heavier on our way. I knew Tan-ay was worried about me. She was actually asking me every now and then if I can stand the walk with my basket on.. I just reciprocated her with a smile. And thanks God!, we finally reached the house. Truly, it was really tiring but a great experience that can’t be traded for anything else.

When its time to head back to Manila, I was surprised that Tan-ay had this box of cabbage carefully packed for us. Thanks that I did not vocally complain how weighty my basket was. Hers was far heavier just to know in the end that those cabbages are for us to bring home.

Upon reaching Poblacion, I visited the Church of Saint May the Virgin and utter this: "I pray that may this not be my last glance-slash-step of Sagada. I pray for more life experience, fun and serenity as well. Amen."

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