Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beating the clock

" when do you need it? now? now-thirty? quarter-to-now?"

Yay, in an attempt to finish my work deadline which is due by tomorrow, I had to pause for a while from updating my blog. But the thing is, I’m still having a short supply of free time managing my target date. I did increase my daily productive time but here I am crossing my fingers to be on the dot. I just thought that reporting for work during weekends would be of great help; well it worked somehow but definitely won’t still make me on time. I knew it from the day they’ve set the deadline. I was too honest when I told them that it was really impossible to beat knowing professionally, the project is too big for the timeline. But, they were adamant to give it a shot and see how far the pushing will go, only to find out in the end - I’m absolutely right. The very main reason was I’m in no control of how fast my computer can simultaneously retrieve data (thousands and thousands of it were still on the row waiting for its turn to be searched) from a voluminous content of our database before I could actually convert each file *sweating* into system-understandable-format and finally saved it to its assigned folder. I could say that the large portion of my “wasted” time was on searching the file – an average of FIVE (5) minutes on a single data. Whew! Enough of the deadline stress - I've done my fair share. Tomorrow will be soon and I can't pull it back. I'm pretty sure they'll move the deadline to another date - yes!. Meanwhile, I'm taking a break from this load hanging over my head for a month now - and it's indeed great to revisit my cyberhome and update you of where-and-what-i've-been-through. This was such a good landing *wink*

Monday, September 22, 2008


I’ve been off for quite sometime, but I give my word to recoup on my absences in blogging as soon as I have finished my work deadline which is getting closer and closer. Yay! I’m keeping my fingers crossed to beat it before it beats me. Heh. There for sure, I’ve got more than enough time to update you guys some of the best-days-parts of my comings and goings. So for now, I’m gonna pause for sometime but promised to be back soon. Anyway, you can still leave your messages here and I will try to hit you back whenever my time permits me to do so. Stay tuned everyone.

Having my force break in blogging..*sad*

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

VisualDNA Summary

Yea, after taking series of choices, i end up having this personality summary:

MOOD: Wild Cat

You're street smart and quite self-assured. The kick of the city appeals to you like nothing else- it makes you feel alive. You can see beauty in the most unlikely places. When it comes to art, you're definitely unconventional; you are drawn to the beauty of the human body - and to the opportunity to express your identity through it. You like how music helps you unwind,and switch off.

FUN: Escape Artist

You like to take any opportunity to keep in shape. You're health is really important to you. You are extremely driven, and have endless reserves of energy. For kicks, nothing beats an adrenalin rush. You like to take risks, and push limits. You're confident and brave - life is for the living. When it comes to holidays, nothing beats the bright lights of one of the world's biggest cities.

HABITS: High Time Roller

You love being a little bit of naughty. Nothing beats being up close and personal with the object of your affection! When it comes to drinking, you have a taste for exotic. You're always up for trying the local tripple when you're on holiday - it's all about fuelling the fun!. As for the home, you like to feel cozy and comfortable. Your home your oasis from the stresses of everyday life.


You have real reason for life and you don't like to take things seriously. For friendship it's all about enjoying yourself and seeing the funny side of life. When you think of freedom- you think of living for the here and now. You're open to new experiences and take any opportunity that crosses your path.

*Sounds real huh!. :) How about you? Would you like to know yours and discover more people who match your VisualDNA? Go on, take your turn and be mad-widgy. You can even download your fantastic widget, post it to your website and share your VisualDNA to the world!. Oops, don't forget to make a comment and leave your URL here so i can check yours. *wink*

Thursday, September 4, 2008

September Award

Thanks Chesteney and Weng for this sweet award. Big thanks for lovin' mah blog. :)

These are the rules:
1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog;
2. Link the person you received your award from;
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs;
4. Put links of those blogs on yours; and
5. Leave a message on the blogs that you’ve nominated.

Now here are the 7 blogs that completes my bloghopping:

1. BaReFooted Me - i like everything about her blog: from layout to its worth-reading-posts!
2. Uncomplicated - Whenever i have blog concerns, she's always there to help. Sorry i need to return this back to u coz u really deserve to have it. *wink*
3. Annie's mind - my best bud's blog. Mishoo!
4. Ilatag na to! - the frst ever tagalog blog I've read. Galeng!
5. Kwento ni Enday - Congrats on your new layout!
6. Myx 3moticons -my sexy math wizard friend. Aw!
7. My Overview - a wonder mom of three kids.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A new header out of experiment

Voila! I can't believe with what I did. I was just experimenting if can I can change my layout though acquiring free blog templates from the net. My only problem was everytime I hit the preview button, I always end up loosing my widgets and some of the features and mofidications I've made with my current layout. So, I tried to design my own header instead and went to the process of changing such. I used some of the pictures of my indefagable feet which I personally taken as my background design using few of magical features of photoshop. This is my own way of giving my feet a grand hiatus to be on the limelight. So here, I'm posting my new-dressed home carrying the undoubting steps of my cutesy-footsy.