Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beating the clock

" when do you need it? now? now-thirty? quarter-to-now?"

Yay, in an attempt to finish my work deadline which is due by tomorrow, I had to pause for a while from updating my blog. But the thing is, I’m still having a short supply of free time managing my target date. I did increase my daily productive time but here I am crossing my fingers to be on the dot. I just thought that reporting for work during weekends would be of great help; well it worked somehow but definitely won’t still make me on time. I knew it from the day they’ve set the deadline. I was too honest when I told them that it was really impossible to beat knowing professionally, the project is too big for the timeline. But, they were adamant to give it a shot and see how far the pushing will go, only to find out in the end - I’m absolutely right. The very main reason was I’m in no control of how fast my computer can simultaneously retrieve data (thousands and thousands of it were still on the row waiting for its turn to be searched) from a voluminous content of our database before I could actually convert each file *sweating* into system-understandable-format and finally saved it to its assigned folder. I could say that the large portion of my “wasted” time was on searching the file – an average of FIVE (5) minutes on a single data. Whew! Enough of the deadline stress - I've done my fair share. Tomorrow will be soon and I can't pull it back. I'm pretty sure they'll move the deadline to another date - yes!. Meanwhile, I'm taking a break from this load hanging over my head for a month now - and it's indeed great to revisit my cyberhome and update you of where-and-what-i've-been-through. This was such a good landing *wink*

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