Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A new header out of experiment

Voila! I can't believe with what I did. I was just experimenting if can I can change my layout though acquiring free blog templates from the net. My only problem was everytime I hit the preview button, I always end up loosing my widgets and some of the features and mofidications I've made with my current layout. So, I tried to design my own header instead and went to the process of changing such. I used some of the pictures of my indefagable feet which I personally taken as my background design using few of magical features of photoshop. This is my own way of giving my feet a grand hiatus to be on the limelight. So here, I'm posting my new-dressed home carrying the undoubting steps of my cutesy-footsy.

1 comment:

Wena said...

aw!!! cute header... successful experiment!. gawa mo rin ako ng header ha... :)