Sunday, October 26, 2008

When darkness prevails on Halloween

Dark forces once again will take over this coming Halloween. For the faint-hearted this isn't the day for you. So go find a secret place to hide in for they will never stop haunting you. But never worry,I'm just pulling your legs.*big grin*

So what now? Halloween is just a few days ahead. What popular fancy dress costume have you got to wear on that day? I'm sure a lot of stage moms will be seen dragging their cute lil' darlings dressed in their spine-chilling outfit for the Halloween treat or trick event.

What about me? Ahh, don't have someone to dress-up yet. I'l have to stick myself seeing them on stage admiring their moms-taught-winning-moves. :) Well, that will definitely put a smile not just on me but on everyone's face.

So for those who'll be chasing commercial centers this coming Halloween, you might see me there celebrating all the fun and scary sweet treats with you. I'm planning to wear a ghostbuster outfit to fight you off, lol. So see you around. :)

ready to run for supernatural investigations

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