Saturday, November 22, 2008

Missing you, friend

Now that Christmas is just around the bend, I can’t help but missed a very dear friend of mine. Seven months have gone by since the day she left for JAPAN. She’ll be staying there for a year as representative of our local government and might (based on or last online communication) be requested to extend due work exigency. The first few months not seeing her physically especially at work, were kinda odd. Though we belong in one department, we are separated by working floors. She’s up at the fifth floor and I’m at the fourth. She usually visits me for a quick chat and kulitan over whatever foods we’ve got to share with. She’ll either crack the day with me by covering my eyes with her doll-like hands or hit my both ears with fingers while she stands at my back. I just loved being with her, talking anything under the sun, laughing at certain things, arguing over small things and ending the conversation with compliments and agreement. She really inspires me a lot - having someone like her listen to my sentiments, experience, insights and ideas without criticizing my beliefs and principles in life. Respecting the way we value each other’s existence is our irreplaceable friendship foundation. We may be separated no longer by floors now, but by miles and miles in distance, we never neglect to pause from our busy working days, and find our way to nurture our friendship though online and telephone conversation (she just called this morning, thanks for waking me up dear) Hearing her voice for one hour while I was still on my bed, was like talking to her as if she just got out of my bed also. Back then, we were night crawlers and usually share the same bed in my pad or hers, whichever place is closer from the gimikan area we’ve been. And I have to admit, my night life has been deprived since the day she took her flight. And that I chose not to go out. Well, I am setting it aside for now, but definitely will recommence as soon as she got back. Uhm, I am in the stage of polishing some of my dance moves :P. We’ll see if these will go with the rhythm on the dance floor by then, lol

Nevertheless, this upcoming Christmas will never be the same Christmas as last year. Our annual activity together will not come to pass for this year: midnight madness schedule at Marikina Riverbank, the joy of ours while jointly wrapping our Christmas presents for our loved ones and the delight of visiting our adopted children in Sagada for their much awaited pre-Christmas celebration (but I’m not worried actually, the event will push through without us, our club headed by TIN-TIN and some volunteers will be there to continue what we have started) These are actually some of the things we enjoyed doing when its nearly Christmas. But despite our physical distance, life is still good having her aound-my sounding board across the miles. Miss you, ANNA. Take a peep at some of our recent bonding shots.

Doing sideline together as teambuilding facilitators held at Montemar Beach Resort, Bataan

Sagada and Baguio: Our last glance together

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