Tuesday, November 25, 2008


After hearing mass last Sunday, my cellphone beeped. It was a message from my youngest sister that my father was brought to hospital due to potassium deficiency, or hypokalemia. I wasted no time and phoned momsy to know how popsy was. I really don’t have any idea of its cause and the effect of it to a diabetic person like him. I’ve search over the net and landed with this health article at wiseGeeK:

Potassium is a mineral necessary to good health. It maintains the water and acid balance in blood and tissue cells, assists in muscle building, and transmits electrical signals between cells and nerves. Early symptoms of hypokalemia, or potassium deficiency, include dry skin, muscle weakness, fatigue and slow reflexes. If the deficiency develops rapidly, heart problems may result. Left unchecked, a condition known as hypokalemic paralysis may develop, in which the entire body goes stiff. This is a very serious condition requiring immediate medical attention.
Known causes of potassium deficiency include excessive diarrhea and vomiting. The treatment in these cases should be for the diarrhea and vomiting, and ensuring there continues to be sufficient potassium in the diet. Mineral supplements may also be necessary. If the vomiting is self-induced, as in
bulimia, psychiatric treatment may be indicated.

Hyperthyroidism, an illness of the thyroid, the main
hormone producing gland, is also known to cause potassium deficiency. It, in turn, may be caused by an imbalance in other minerals similar to potassium such as magnesium, sodium and calcium. There are numerous treatments available for hyperthyroidism, all requiring some level of medical supervision.

Medications known to increase the likelihood of potassium deficiency include diuretics, cortisones and drugs for controlling high blood pressure. Alternate medications and/or treatments can be explored with a medical professional. If changing medications is not feasible, it may be necessary to supplement with potassium or mineral tablets.

To date , papa is still at the hospital receiving medical care in the hope of lowering his complication rates. I believe in the possible factor behind the benefits associated with prayers. So, to those who made their time scrolling down to read this post, I humbly ask for a simple prayer for healthy recovery of my deareast papa. I'l be more glad also if you can share your life encounter or any knowledge related with hypokalemia.
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Wena said...

hi bhang, I pray for your popsy's early recovery...

Bhang said...

thank you ate wheng, you are one of a kind. mama texted me that pops is getting well, doctor said he might be ready to go home within the day. thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bhang, I have no idea about your father's illness but I know how it feels to have a sick father. My dad is in coma for almost a year now and just living on meds. It's hard and prayers is the only way to go on. I am taking your hands and uttering a prayer with you that May God give us enough strength to face our life's struggles. Thanks for the support and concern with our issues here. Hugz...

Bhang said...

Glad that despite of our distance and not having met you personally, we're both flipping on the same page like real friends. I'll pray for your dad,too. Big thanks also!