Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kickin' at 59

As I’ve promised, here’s how we celebrated my Pop’s 59th Birthday.

My pop’s birthday actually falls on August 19 (Tuesday), since it was declared here that August 18 (Monday) was special holiday in lieu of August 21 (Ninoy Aquino Day), we and the rest of his immediate family opted to celebrate it on that day. Everyone was early up and got busy with the preparations. We wanted him to feel extra special to us. So Ate, I and my 2(two) nieces (both were 3y/0) went out to get our customized cake, party hats and 1 big balloon for our celebrator while the rest of my siblings together with my dear Momsy were tasked to prepare foods for our visitors. When all things were ready, everyone gathered together. Irene, my sister, escorted Papa to the crowd and assisted him to put on his birthday-party-hat. Papa was overwhelmed seeing himself surrounded by his loved ones while handling his big balloon. His (5) lil’ grandchildren led the singing of the birthday song and even helped Papa blew his five and nine candles. Once again, I have witnessed Papa’s hardly-ever-tears rolled down on his cheeks – no doubt, those were tears of happiness. Now that he’s a year older, I wished him long life of happiness, good health, and more blessings; may he always carry the joy and delight of having us – his family wherever his fate would lead him. Pops, I’ll always look up to you and will ever be proud to be your daughter. Love you dearly.


Wena said...

Happy Birthday to your papa... i wish him good health!

Bhang said...

Tnx ate weng..