Monday, August 4, 2008

Novice Airsofter

From designing creative stuff for airsofters (logos and personalized car stickers, in particular) to a newbie airsoft enthusiasts. I was honored to grace a post-birthday-invitation-slashed-airsoft-experience from a person I dearly heart. Dressing up was fun (good that I still have my worn-out battle dress uniform which I regularly used during my active days in military reservist training) and the game itself was really exciting. It was such a life like experience of actual combat that you don’t want to get hit or die early but to accomplish the mission alive and kicking the whole course of the game. Just to raise my flag, I never got to experience the feeling of being hit yet coz I won in the two consecutive games – call it a beginner’s luck, lol. Here, I’m sharing some of the pix taken during my first encounter.

opted to lace up chucks instead of my combat boots, lol

of being told what to do

playing by the rules

tryin' out a man's mask

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Bobzilla said...

Always loved playing airsoft. Really miss it :(