Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some things to reveal

Tag was shared by Wena which she got from JoyD (of Aussietalks).

Curios Joy Wants to See...

Rules :

1. Be Spontaneous and have fun!!!

2. Grab your camera and get your hand bag / bag and take out all the stuffinside. Take a picture of all your stuff.. Everything...Even the used tissue paper or candy wrapper.. or we might see something amazing in your bag.!!

3. List all the things ..

4. Make sure to link back to Aussietalks and leave your URL

5. Pass this to your friends and tell them to link back..

Bits and pieces inside my Susanna Bag (a dear friend gifted it to me just this recent birthday of mine):

Im gonna start with my not-so-obvious-favorite blue stuff, lol .

1. umbrella
2. hairbrush
3. coin purse
4. mini tote bag (which contains my cool water perfume, blue hair doctor comb, berry gold Avon lipstic and Avon natural dual powder Foundation SPF 13)
5. pouch with silver lining (you can find in here my cellphone charger, data cable, earphone, 1 Gig Flash drive, 3 pony tails (in blue, yellow and violet color) and my company ID)

To complete the list..

6. 40 Gig Black IBM Thinkpad external hard drive
7. Michaela wallet
8. Black mini notebook of my day-to-day activities
9. white plastic case for my calling card
10 Perky( my cp's name) - under it is a knitted black reggae inspired cellphone case
11. black and red pilot pens

So there you go , I have nothing to conceal anymore. I'd so much fun listing my stuff, hope you do also.

I'm passing this meme to Anna and Alex.


Wena said...

Thanks for doing the tag! :)

Joy said...

hello Bhang,, Thanks for doing the tag....
Yeah,, it's obvious that you really like Blue color..
Umbrella again!!! 3 na kayong may umbrella sa bag,, anyway I know that; Umbrella is an essential item ..
and it's obviously a working girls bag...
Thank you again..
BTW,, would you care to xlink?,,,
please buzz me ok,, and then I'll add you..