Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Catching up

Yea, I’m back again after a few days of nix-cyberworld-experience. I spent my time with my family back in the province. But before I headed back then, my sister-next-to-me and two nieces, both were 3 years of age, paid me a visit last Friday for the first time. I made them experience to ride a MRT, which these two kids in jest called it as big earthworm. It was also their first time to be at Megamall wherein they played at Timezone. They had so much fun collecting tickets being released by the game machine and exchange those with goodies. Afterwards, we went at my place to take a rest, let the kids sleep and drink their milk. I made a promise to bring them at Market, Market in Fort Bonifacio at night. It was 6pm when they woke up and kept on asking me if we’re still good to go. Though it was raining then, the kids insisted that we should go because they’ve got their jackets to wear on, so off we go, grab a taxi going to Market, Market. There, they rode on animal rides, enjoyed eating and played with other kids till 9PM. It was a treat they got from me. Saturday, we altogether traveled back to the province, and while inside the bus I could here them talking in their own understandable language what they’ve just experienced. Yea, I was several times like them when I was a kid.

Next stop, province. I was happy to see my family again. My parents with their smiles on, my brother and sisters with their kids, all of them were present when we arrived. I missed being with them in complete. Indeed, there’s no place like home. The following day was my Papa’s 59th birthday. I’ll share some of our preparations and happenings as well during his special day on my next post. I need to deal with office concern for now. :)

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