Sunday, May 25, 2008

Just contemplating

Musing over the waves of China Sea

Have you ever felt your significance? How about someone’s rebuffing it? Has anybody asked of your capability and expertise over a certain thing and receive nothing in any way after the favor has been done? It's indeed unscrupulous.

I myself not trying to emphasize I became an essential part of getting their things done. Likewise, let them feel that I became an element of the success of a group. This is not all about monetary reward for the accomplished task but being thankful is of great way of returning the act of kindness. I consider that when things are appreciated it’s freely-given.

Albeit the two-word “Thank you!” is just simple expression, the manner of how you express it creates a great impact to anyone who will heed it. It does not matter how big or small the favor was, but the verity that she/he became indispensable reinforcement deserves a gratitude you need to return. I guess that by doing so, this will help you develop a more concrete relationship towards individual when it comes to soliciting a favor.

Before I put an end to this, I am taking this chance to say “thank you” to the peeps I met along my journey; for providing me opportunities to know the real me; for making me realize my purpose on earth; for believing in my capacity to handle things which are sometimes uncontainable. All of you made me feel me that a big load has been taken off my neck. My sincere gratitude for letting God used you as a huge blessing to me.

For the peeps who made me feel bad and hurt me in any way.. I won’t fail to remember to utter the same words: Thank you!. I consider all of you as my life critics that will always remind me how to live right.

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Cameron said...

Wow, China is great.