Thursday, May 29, 2008

Balik Eskwela '08 - The Return

I’ve been gushing about how significant to me the place of Sagada is, particularly the people of Barangay Ankileng.
And here’s another successful event I’m proud to label as “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. The recent Balik Eskwela ’08 project of the Rotaract Club of Sampiro was another remarkable experience to share.

Despite the bad weather forecasts, the rotaractors and some volunteers still pushed through with the trip. Not minding what would be the exact weather condition there, I am happy to say that the group arrived unscathed. Weather was fine enough to explore the incredible hanging coffins and the breathtaking Sumaguing Cave. Added to these, the aroma of hot tarragon tea, the pleasant taste of brown rice and freshly picked veggies were all at hand away. All these covered our long travel time and effort of bringing the donations to the young ones.

It was 8pm then when we left our foster parent’s house and started the almost one hour walk to the distribution venue. The rain never feared the group considering we had to cross a hanging bridge and walk on the pilapil down to their multi purpose hall. It’s good that our foster parent asked three of their people to carry those weighty boxes loaded with school presents. Likewise, a brilliant idea that we covered those boxes with black garbage bag before it was travelled from Makati.

Our walk-in-the-rain experience was paid off during the turnover of donations. Thou the number of kids have doubled, we managed to give them equally. Not a single penny can buy the smile on each kid’s face as they performed their talents in front of us. With the success of this project, we have surely increased the number of happy childen in our own Rotaract way. It was a joy beyond compare. Yours truly and the rest of the rotaractors and volunteers would like to acknowledge the altruistic and philanthropic act of our sponsors. – ROTARY CLUB OF MAKATI-POBLACION, POWERLINK INC., PS2.COM, JOLLiBEE, KRISPY KREME, Ms. Mennie Margate, Mr. Gerry Limlingan and the Staff of Urban Development Department (City Government of Makati). Huge thanks for making this project an achievable one. We will be sending you our feedback and pictures as well. We hope to work with you again and better if you’ll be with us on our next Sagada trip for our gift giving project scheduled on December.

For the snapshots, my great pleasure not to deprive you of those. *wink

Ooops! what's inside the black bags are not trash but our surprises for the kids of Sagada.(our own way of preventing it from getting wet).

It was dark.. It rained half of our way..but these never bothered us - A walk of commitment

Their first taste of original glazed doughnut of Krispy Kreme

These are just three of the many kids who benefited the project

So yeah. Those are some of the pix I personally picked. 'Till our next club project..

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