Saturday, January 31, 2009

From weekly to day-timer

The year 2008 left a huge mark on me when it comes to organizing my day to day schedule. As I am flipping the pages of my last year’s weekly pocket planner, it reminded me of how my year was; flabbergasted by the pages where I scribbled my to-do lists, deadlines, meetings and appointments that dominated my days; record of my billings and payments that were to be found inserted at the backpage of its cover. I just can’t believe that I have written and kept those stuff intact! I can vividly remember my morning routine at work, checking my priorities with the ever present mug of coffee on the side - that gives me a feeling more in command. Honestly, I have never been this “serious” (if you’ll consider it) in getting organized. But really, being a note taker helped me a lot in saving time and managing my daily tasks, thus, lessened my inclination of forgetting things. See how it improved me? :)

I've switched, for better

And for this year, I have armed myself with another one – same as my old. But the good news is, a kindhearted officemate of mine gifted me with an extra one which made me clapped in delight. I remember that he used to tease me whenever he sees me trying to compress my writings on the limited blank spaces of my pocket planner. Big thanks, Romy. His Christmas present was a day-timer organizer which I think far better than my previous planner. Though it is not handy and brand-coded; color is not my fave one, and yet, I just loved it! With its week at a glance and time added features, I could say that this will make most of my time productive and more proficient in planning. I know each time I will spend filling out its pages, is a piece of life that I once spent and worth-looking back. This day-timer planner will forever serve as my permanent record of activities as I head on with my life --- taking each day and time of this year to the fullest.

Happy Year of the Ox everyone!

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