Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Birthday Anime’

We usually hold our so called General Staff Meeting every first Friday of the month. It’s our office official way of maintaining the comradeship within our co-workers. For this month, the July celebrants were scheduled to host the event. So count me in. Together with my four fellow celebrants, we agreed to consider an Anime’ Birthday Theme. The event was actually held last July 04, 2008. Though the program started late due to ManComm meeting, our guest performer who graced a dance number in anime’ costume (big thanks, Marky) made the crowd roared from their respective seats. I’d like to take this chance to give huge thanks to my co-celebrators who have shared their continuous annual effort in making this activity another bubbly one. Hats off to you guys:

Annafor sharing her monetary contribution despite of her absence due to work commitment in Japan.

Ms. Milogenerous co-celebrant who shelled out more than our agreed contribution.

Ate Cynthia and her hubby – for the scrumptious cheese pimiento sandwich and lip smacking popcorn in two flavors (cheese and caramel puff with raisins)

Karen for preparing the materials for the heart transplant game (transfer of heart- shaped-paper with the use of chopsticks from one plate to another) Btw, Congrats Kathie - our chopstikcs master!

So here, I’d like to share this anime’ audio visual birthday presentation I made for us.

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