Monday, July 7, 2008

Freakin’ Sunday morning

Just checked the time - 9AM – I wanted to lengthen my stay in bed, cuddle my life size pillow and enjoy a stress free day. Just in time, I heard loud voices outside. I lazily dragged myself up in bed and walked straight to my door to check it. My sleepy eyes popped when I saw my neighbors running from nowhere - here to there – “Hey can anybody tell me what’s happening?” My heart started to pound fast not knowing the real source. When I walked out of the door, I was taken aback with sparks coming from a wooden electric post across the house next to mine. Everyone was in shrill voice and panic mode. Completely awakened by the scenario, I immediately went inside, turned off the main electric switch and put on my brassiere which I almost forgot to notice that I don’t wear one. Albeit confused what to do next, I carried my lappie toppie, my bag where my wallet was and of course, my essential documents which I managed to put in one filer. In a dash, I was already outside my pad joining the crowd. In no less than a minute, an earsplitting sound was heard. The high tension wire flared-up followed by the sudden explosion of transformer which brought each one of us to expect for a big fire to happen. Thanks God that it ended there. No house was actually damaged. Most of the residents concluded that explosion of our street transformer helped a lot; it actually saved our neck and dwellings as well.

I almost assumed that my everything will turn into nothing. *Deep sigh*

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