Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meet Perky

I was in the verge of selling my Sony Ericsson K700i (pre-owned by my youngest sister which she begged me to swap with my recently bought Nokia 6300) because of its annoying middle button that gets stuck at times making it difficult to select items plus the battery life’s crap. I planned also to have it traded to acquire a new one. But it didn’t work out the way I planned it when my current phone decided to be changed on its own. It accidentally slipped on my hand, fell down and broke its LCD. The result – got myself a new phone.

Perky in electric purple color

I acquired a Sony Ericsson W380i walkman clamshell model phone. I loved its three touch sensitive playback buttons on the front of the flip coz every time you touch them the small screen outside light up with a nice BLUE glow. One thing more, it comes with gesture control that lets you mute a call or alarm clock simply waving your hand above the unit. Albeit this phone has lack of application such as video, auto focus and flash, this phone really looks cool and funky which I think good enough for a walkman lover lass like me.

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