Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Creative stuff for airsofters

I’m used of seeing different kinds of weaponry since my father was ex-military personnel. I spent my entire years of studying living in an area allocated for military dependents. Way back then, we need to pass two (2) military checkpoints before we could totally proceed to our everyday class which can be found outside the military camp. A six-by-six truck served as our school bus as public vehicles were not allowed inside the restricted area. Not only that, each of us should wear our dependent’s military tag as a valid identification especially when being checked by a military police on duty. The main camp gate closes at 8pm. Those who wishes to enter but unfortunately arrived beyond that time would have to endure the long walk to the partly pavement road going to his destination. Yea, those were the days – complying with the rules set forth by high ranking military officers. We’re born as "mess kit" children acting in accordance with military professionalism.

But looking at the other side of the coin, it did help me to develop my inner self in dealing with people in full battle gear. I have met peeps who find themselves scared of men-in-camouflage with their guns on which I have used to gotten since birth. My early exposure to fully armed men led me to involve myself to become one of the Philippine Military Reservists. I’m through with Military Orientation Training Course, Disaster Emergency Assistance and Response Training which were offered at 1303rd Community Defense Center Army Reserve Command in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Trainings are usually done in series of Sundays only as most of the participants are working on full time. Now that I completed the course, I have a plan of pursuing a new one. Hmm.. I don’t want to be on a real battle field ok?. I don’t want to die young and eventually end up my blogging career, lol.

I am thinking of a tactical hobby, like airsoft. I think it would be fun to try a life-like combat experience similar to that of a real world of soldiers except that guns used in airsoft are typically replicas of real firearms having the mechanism of pushing out 6-mm or 8-mm diameter projectiles. Some of my fellow reservists are into it now. Though I have my military battle dress uniforms and combat boots to wear on during the game, I still need more airsoft stuff to buy. I’ve got to have airsoft sport equipment that basically includes airsoft gun, airsoft pellets or plastic ball bearings (BB), safety goggles, and all sorts of tactical gear including vests, equipment holders, and gun accessories. Whew! That would entail a lot of money to dole out before I can get to start and even sustain my would-be hobby. Since I don’t have the financial capacity yet, I would rather go for finding ways and means to raise enough. Good thing that a certified gun hobbyist asked me to come up with custom-made sticker and badge for airsoft enthusiasts. He wants something unique that can be used as car decal signifying that the person on board is a certified airsoft addict. I suggested him to take a photo of him and used it as background for the text. Here are two of my artworks that he just recently approved:

bearing the logo of his airsoft group

personalized car sticker


Wena said...

yeah, airsoft is such a expensive hobby. i have several friends who are addicted to it. parang ang sarap maglaro nun, kaya lang takot ako. isa siguro ako sa mga taong sinasabi mo na takot sa military men and their weapons haha. i've seen airsoft facilities in La Mesa EcoPark when we went there last summer. mahal din pala ang rent per hour yata nasa Php400-500.

Bhang said...

yeah,u said it right.For newbies, they can actually borrow naman from friends who's into it un nga lang it's much better having your own airsoft equipment. Makati Airsoft Group is currently using the old school building of University of Makati as their gamesite. They call it Poly.. been there once. The place is very suited for those who wants to play but on a tight budget. Need to save a lot pa.. hehehe