Thursday, June 5, 2008

My fountain of youth

I do love kids. I enjoy seeing them goofing around, fight over small stuff, envy each others toys and end up sharing the same. These are some of the usual scenarios whenever I visit my old folks place in Tarlac. Albeit my work is situated in Makati , I make it a point to block my calendar on weekends that will fall after the day I received my salary – my expected day of visits. I’ve got to have spare money in my pocket enough to buy pasalubong not actually for my parents or siblings but for my three nephews and two nieces who would definitely ask for it. Four of them are of the same age range – ages 2 to 3. The oldest will be turning 8 this year. I loved them. It’s a different feeling seeing them holding the grill of our gate as if they were like prisoners behind the bars, while waiting for me to arrive. Toys and goodies are my typical brought-home for them. I make sure that I have divided the stuff equally before I would hand it to each of them. You know.. just to prevent them from picking a fight.

My recent visit last week was a great one. I bought them bags with basic school supplies in preparation for the incoming class opening (lol). They ain’t going to school yet. The reason why I gave the little ones educational stuff is for them to start learning with their moms at home. They were so happy that you would see them carrying their own back packs while roaming inside the house. They even have their own spot where to bring out their papers and pencils to start their doodling time. I’m in a high spirit every time I see them – my fountain of youth, enjoying every little thing I got for them. Yea, not even one of them is mine, but the way they pleased my eyes is enough for me to say that they are my very own.

Here.. lemme share you their charming pix which I personally taken.

Cyan Kirk telling Alexa Moelah, her sister to face the camera

This is Emman wearing his personalized cap

Lorraine Ashley in her red and white dainty dress

Keight Andrei's own way of brushing his baby teeth

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