Sunday, June 22, 2008

On being truthful

Everyone is on rush hoping for a good catch ride to get home early. I was with my officemate (Love) then and while inside the jeepney (C5 road via Market – Market route) waiting for the exact numbers of passenger that would fit in, a dispatcher in his teen age kept on calling the attention of commuters with his very loud voice “Isa na lng!, Isa na lang!”

A lady with two white plastic bags was hastening from afar. Upon reaching, she hurriedly asked the dispatcher “Isa na lng?” The dispatcher stared at her from head to toe as if he’s examining the woman’s body built. She was kinda chubby and would definitely find herself uncomfortable including her would-be passengers if she would insist to ride. In a very straight manner he told the lady “Ah..Ma’am, the next jeep is right over there". The woman face turned no guilt as to what she just heard but instead went straight to the next jeep in line. The passengers inside the jeep including us looked at each others face as everyone finds their own way to laugh silently. I guess we laughed not because of how the lady looked but how the teenage dispatcher able to deliver what he said in honest and no offense meant way at all despite of his hesitant facial expression.

I just wished that all dispatchers should be that honest and conscious if the passenger body size can still be accommodated for everyone’s safe and comfy travel sake. After all we all pay for the same fare rate and that should grant us a snug seat.

Finally, the last would-fit-in-passenger came in and off we go.


emoboyblue said...

Ang bad naman ng mga tumawa sa loob ng jeep.. pero malamang kung andun din ako humalakhak pa ako. hehehe!! next time ate be a good girl.. :-)

Bhang said...

Good gurl naman ako ah.... diko lng talaga napigilan maging bad.. hehehe