Friday, June 27, 2008

Havin' a baby

If it crossed your mind that I’m about to be a mom, well you’re absolutely wrong. Being one must be planned prudently and having one is not yet written in my priority lists. Yeah, I know I’m not getting younger anymore –the fact that I’ll be celebrating another year of existence next month, Yay!, should I be alarmed now? Nah!, Just to give justice to my blog title, here’s the reason why:

I went home last night nearly 12 midnight. I visited a friend who had just given birth and surprisingly found there our common friend who brought her 8 months old cuddly baby. It was nice to see them both and their cute and healthy little darlings. Now that the two were already moms considering I’m quite older in age, I find myself being left behind with their motherhood topics: how to cope up after giving birth, baby care tips, breast feeding techniques, where to find cheap but best baby brands, their experiences during labor and delivery, etc.. Whew! Since I’ve got nothing to share in concrete I just listened to their conversation instead. It’s indeed amazing how they were able to survive those rough moments and keep it going up to this point. Moms are real tough.

On my home, I just thought of this: Will I be a great mom in the future? Well, time can only tell.

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