Sunday, June 15, 2008

A surprise visit on Father’s Day

Today is a special day for all fathers in the world. It is heartrending that I won’t see my father personally and spend the day with him in the province. What’s inside my wallet is just enough as my allowance until the next payday. I had tighten my budget to give way to our family’s major concern which they are aware of.

Before I went to bed last night, I texted papa and thanked him for being there for me always, with or without him physically at my side. I told him that I won’t make it on his special day but promised him to make it up by the end of this month, that sooner or later we’ll get of the probs we’re facing. He gladly replied me with these words: “thank you so much!”. I just thought that celebrating or remembering papa need not cost too much, that I don’t have to be with him in flesh just to make him feel how important he is. Simple text message straight from a loving daughter will make his heart big. And that’s what I did.

Innocently, Papa filed a leave from his work and traveled all the way to Makati to visit me. He tagged along Mama and CK, my nephew. I didn’t expect it. He even treated us out for lunch. I never thought that he would do that on his special day when I should the one who’s supposed to be doing it. I was so touched. Sigh. While sharing the food with them, I can’t help but to think of my would – be gift for Papa. I noticed my papa’s hand newly coated hand nails. To my dismay, his toe nails were not pleasant to look at. It definitely needs a pedicure. I asked him if he wanna have it done. He smiled and said “Yea, why not?” My mom even seconded that she wants a new haircut as well a new student boy cut for CK. So altogether we went to Index Hair Salon and have it all done there. It was nice to see them pampering themselves with new haircut and pedicure at not-so-expensive cost – reasonably priced within my means.

When it was their time for them to go home, I secretly handed papa a 1000 JPY I’ve been keeping to my wallet. Anna, my friend, gave it to me in exchange for peso during her recent visit to the Philippines. It may not that big amount but I know papa will keep it to his wallet as memento on father’s day.

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