Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pleasures for less

counting what's left

Today is the start of my long weekend. I am glad that the celebration of Independence Day was moved on Monday. Thanks PGMA! Now what are up for me today? Since I just visited my old folks last week, I’m bound stay with Roomy (my pad) the whole non-working days. I have lots of time to be with myself doing cheaper thrills,lol. I’m on a tight budget right now due to the increasing price of basic commodities. I’d rather stay in place and not spend my hard earned money (as if have, lol) on pay-for-a-thrill pleasure to be entertained. Here are some of things that I lined up to do:

1. Go for hand wash –I decided not to have my dirty clothes not to be done at laundry shop only for this week. Beside the fact that it won’t weigh three (3) kilos which is the minimum, I also thought that it will be a great form of exercise doing it personally.

2. Unclutter personal belongings - I’d like to clean up my mess and reward Roomy a polished personal touch which I hadn’t done for almost a month due to my demanding weekend activities.

3. Movie Marathon – I got six (6) clear copies of movie to watch out for courtesy of my gracious officemate.

4. Chow trip – no worries If I get hungry, I am pretty sure enough that foodstuff stored in my personal refrigerator will definitely satisfy my grumbling tummy.

5. Bed rest – recompensing myself to take pleasure hugging my life size pillow for a long period of hours.

6. Time alone – give myself a break to find more quiet time contemplating my sense of self-worth.

Those listed may not sound pleasurable to others, but these I reckon would make me enjoy my own company.

How about you? What are your ways to keep yourself company for less?

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