Wednesday, June 25, 2008

X deal

For those who have crossed their fingers for me, big thanks!, really. You may free your hands now for good.

You now what I got in exchange to my first ever fifty pager souvenir program layout?? Ah oh, don’t ever think of money. Yea, I may be in need of such these days (well, who doesn’t need it, anyway?), I’m pretty sure what I got in return will make the less fortunate kids I’ve been visiting for three years - happy as I have imagined.

In exchange, my client will provide our club, Rotaract Club of Sampiro two hundred (200) pieces of children’s book to be given away this November to our adopted barangay in Ankileng, Sagada, Mountain Province. Not really bad. Right Tin-tin?


KCee said...

Congrats Bhang!

The happiness that you will give to the children in Ankileng makes the deed truly worth it. Bless your good heart! :)

Bhang said...

Tnanks Kcee!

I'm sure the children would be clapping in delight. May these hefty books help them to establish the joy of reading. :)